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Most of the applets should work with all recent web browsers. Only the applets in section "Rational Surfaces" need Java 3D (at least version 1.3.1) to be installed.
Java 3D can be obtained from Sun (for Windows, Solaris), Blackdown (for Linux) or Apple (for Mac OS X 10.3.1 or later) for free. Please follow the installation instructions provided on these sites.
In order to view the applets in section "Rational Surfaces" properly, some additional Java runtime parameters have to be set in the "Java Plug-in Control Panel".

Windows: Start the coffee cup icon "Plug-in Control Panel" from the Windows control panel (WindowsXP: try "classical view" of the Windows control panel to find the icon).

Linux/Solaris: Start <SDK/JRE installation directory>/bin/ControlPanel or <SDK/JRE installation directory>/bin/JavaPluginControlPanel (depending on your Java installation) from the console. You can also use your Netscape browser to visit one of the following sites (depending on your Java installation):
<SDK installation directory>/jre/ControlPanel.html,
<SDK installation directory>/jre/JavaPluginControlPanel.html,
<JRE installation directory>/ControlPanel.html or
<JRE installation directory>/JavaPluginControlPanel.html.

Mac OS X: Start "Java 1.4.1 Plugin Settings" in "/Applications/Utilities/Java/".

In the "Plug-in Control Panel" select the "Advanced" tab. Add -Xms192m -Xmx256m to the "Java Runtime Parameters" entry (at the bottom of the window).

For further informations please read the documentation of your Java installation.

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