Welcome to the world of geometric modeling ! This tutorial consists of a collection of Java applets illustrating the basic principles of Computer Aided Geometric Design . These are based on the books

Hartmut Prautzsch & Wolfgang Boehm & Marco Paluszny:
Bézier and B-Spline Techniques
Springer 2002.

Wolfgang Boehm & Hartmut Prautzsch:
Geometric Concepts for Geometric Design
A.K. Peters 1994.

Most of the applets should work with all recent web browsers. Only the applets in section "Rational Surfaces" need Java 3D to be installed. In order to start these applets, follow the hints in section "How to start". If you have any problems or further suggestions - just contact us.

Enjoy playing with curves and surfaces!!!

How to start  

The Applied Geometry Group - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology  

Raphael Straub