Fundamentals       Details
Ratios       Barycentric Coordinates I
Barycentric Coordinates II
Projective Figures       Pappus' Theorem
Dual Pappus' Theorem
Pascal's Theorem
Brianchon's Theorem
Curves       Details
Bézier Representation       Bernstein polynomials
De Casteljau algorithm
Degree elevation
Polynomial Curves
Rational Curves
B-Spline Representation       B-Splines
Spline Curves
De Boor Scheme
"Spline division"
B-Spline rendering
B-Spline knot refinement
Subdivision       Subdivision algorithm of Lane and Riesenfeld
Four point scheme
Differential geometry       Polynomial Curves
Spline Curves
Space Curves
Surfaces       Details
Tensor Product Surfaces       Bézier representation of tensor product surfaces
De Casteljau algorithm
Surface generation by subdivision
Triangular Patches       Bézier representation of triangular patches
Bernstein polynomials
De Casteljau algorithm
Generalized de Casteljau algorithm (blossoms)
Subdividing a Bézier net
Surface generation by subdivision
Rational Surfaces (Java3D is needed [read more])      
Bezier Representation       Interactive Surface Viewer
Quadrics       Normal Forms
Pencils of Quadrics
Generators and Tangential Planes
Conics on Quadrics
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